Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Internet of Things Means Rethinking Your Enterprises' Relationship With Technology

Michael Porter's Articles on Connected Data-driven Business Strategy

How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition
How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies

Emerging Hyper-connected World of Mobile, Social, Cloud, Data and IoT

The journey to the new connected data-driven business is a complex one. Difficult to get right, but important to do. Done right, connected data-driven business and product transformation offers significant opportunities for renewal, growth, and enterprise value creation. Done wrong, business and product transformation can place companies into Sisyphus-like business model design and revision cycles, or can add their products to the same junk pile of history that one finds Google Glass. Get it right, your company and your future depends on it.

Accredent - Connecting Business with Internet of Things and Data Analytics for 8 Years

Many professional services organizations large and small are now entering as Internet of Things and Data Analytics digital end-to-end advisors, changing their business cards from whatever they said last year to now say Internet-of-Things and Data Analytics experts. Accredent has been connecting business, Internet of Things and Advanced Data Analytics for eight years. Please contact us and let us know how we can help.

Accredent specializes in the Business of The Internet of Things(tm). Formed in 2009 out a four year strategy, M&A, and offering development engagement with companies that pioneered many of today's Internet-of-Things connected technologies, business cases and use cases. Contact Us

Accredent has been successful partnering with business leaders of corporations, operations and product teams, and emerging ventures to develop and transform their businesses, accelerate revenue, growth and enterprise value through the Internet of Things.

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