Sunday, October 26, 2014

Accelerating Revenue, Growth and Value Creation through The Internet of Things


5 Steps to Accelerating Revenue, Growth and Value Creation with Internet of Things




  • Gain ongoing insight needed to take preemptive actions and tilt Internet of Things growth in your  favor.

  • Innovate and execute Internet of Things strategies, business models and user experiences to change your basis of  competition and accelerate opportunities for growth and value creation.

  • Succeed at proactive M&A and alliances. Carefully align and integrate your Internet of Things inorganic strategy, candidate targeting, diligence and integration.

  • Build go-to-market approaches and digital ecosystem partner expansion that drives penetration and revenues up and incremental expenses down. 

  • Evolve existing assets and intellectual property, and foster change and business transformation to make the new growth ongoing and repeatable.


Accredent specializes in the Business of The Internet of Things(tm). Formed in 2009 out a four year strategy and M&A engagement with companies that pioneered many of today's Internet-of-Things connected technologies, analytics and use cases. Contact Us

Accredent has been successful partnering with business leaders of corporations and emerging ventures to develop and transform their businesseses, accelerate revenue, growth and enterprise value through the Internet of Things.