Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Connecting better customers experiences, customer journeys, partnerships, operations, logistics to the business agility and value.

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Connected Data-driven Customers, Products, Services and Operations.
In a world where connected data-driven services and relationships with customers, partners, and operations are becoming the new normal. Many businesses are finding themselves at an inflection point. Their reactions to the COVID-19 crisis enabling their first steps on a journey to a new better Connected Data-driven Business Model.

Accredent can help on your path to successful change.
Over 11 years, Accredent has enabled organizations to achieve new digital business models, better customers experiences, customer journeys, partnerships, operations, logistics and ultimately increased business agility and enterprise value. Contact Us 


At 11 years old, Accredent is one of most established IoT Connected Data-driven Business and CX specialists in the industry. Formed in 2009 out a four year of engagements with companies that pioneered many of today's Internet-of-Things connected and data analytics technologies, business cases and use cases. 

Accredent has been successful partnering with business leaders of corporations, operations and product teams, and emerging ventures to build digital business, transform their businesses, accelerate revenue, growth and enterprise value through the Internet of Things and data analytics.

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