Saturday, December 12, 2015

Internet of Things and Data Analytics Playing Dominate Role in Merger & Acquisition in 2015

The latest M&A trend reports show of the 1,069 technology-related transactions tracked in 3Q 2015, IoT topped the chart in average value per deal at $1.2 billion followed by Big Data Analytics at $800 million. Many deals were cross-industry and between  non-tech and tech companies. Companies involved in M&As of IoT valued at more than $5 billion, included: Carlyle, GICPrivate, Veritas Information, Honeywell-Elster.

Year to date, there were 114 IoT deals tracked (compared with 56 for all of 2014) with total value of $31.9 billion (compared with $13 billion for full-year 2014). Big Data Analytics deals of had a total value of $29.5 billion year to date, more than double that of its 2014 total.


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