Saturday, October 31, 2015

M&A at its highest levels since before 2008.

According to, M&A deal value is at its highest rate since 2008.

Global M&A volume has surpassed $4tr for the first YTD period on record, and now stands at $4.06tr in 2015. This represents a 38% increase on 2014 YTD ($2.94tr), and is marginally higher than the previous YTD high in 2007 ($3.93tr).  

Technology is the most targeted sector in 2015 YTD with a YTD record high volume of $631.7bn, 53% higher than the previous YTD record high of $412.8bn set in 2000 YTD. 

Healthcare is second with both a YTD record high volume of $549.4bn, and a YTD record share of total M&A (14%)

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