Monday, November 17, 2014

Improve Your Odds of IoT M&A Success


M&A is a Critical Piece of Internet of Things Strategy

Critical but risky path to growth. 
Companies not participating in corporate M&A development can leave 50% or more of their growth on the table. However, with a success rate averaging only 45%, growth through acquisitions must be seen as an expensive high risk strategy. That said, success rate vary widely and with the right knowledge and processes your risk can be dramatically reduced. A thoughtful, well-executed acquisition process can improve the odds.

Proactive approach improves the odds. 
Opportunistic acquisitions fail 63% of the time. Proactive acquisitions aligned to a growth strategy and a strong acquisition planning process succeed at a much greater rate. The problem can be tracked back to a lack of quality choice due to a passive approach in the identification of a range of prospective targets.

Alignment with your current business key to success. 
Understanding and deep insight are critical. Studies show that best acquisitions are most often made in related fields, and the worst in less related fields. The strategic decision to acquire in a totally new field can seriously effect your chance of success.


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