Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Make Retail Great Again: Leveraging the Physical Web for Intelligent Customer Experience

FARCON 2017- Retail Analytics Conference.

Wonderful audience and great discussion at Accredent's Managing Partner, Kent Strand's presentation, "Make Retail Great Again: Leveraging the Physical Web for Intelligent Customer Experience" at the FARCON 2017 Retail Analytics Conference.


Make Retail Great Again

Leveraging the Physical Web for Intelligent Digital Experience

The tension between physical retail and digital retail is usually attributed to the inherent analytical and behavioral advantages of the digital medium. The underlying forces operating in physical retail and digital retail are subtle and complex. Customer experience in either medium is more important than the particular medium. Modern customers expect a rich and contextual experience that is derived from their interaction history. New forms of physical retail are emerging and the space is transforming in ways that provide a differentiated customer experience.

Relevant experience in physical retail is readily available with the emergence of the Physical Web. The Physical Web enables immediate and frictionless interaction between customers and physical objects / locations. Physical retailers can engage and satisfy customers with relevant and timely data that is harvested from Physical Web interactions; they can map customer data from online behavior to integrate customer perceptions and purchasing patterns across all media. The Physical Web can extend and amplify the power of data centricity and a customer-centric analytical orientation.

Accredent's session provided insight into the contextual experience adaptations of early adopters and fast followers in the early majority; it identified the obstacles that may cause slow followers to get left behind in the late majority -- or worse. Technical practitioners identified with quantified examples of the Physical Web; non-technical practitioners identified with the strategic importance of weaving Physical Web customer interactions and online behavior into the emerging physical environment. 


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