Thursday, June 15, 2017

Connected Data-Driven Digital Transformation Showcase at 2017 SCPD National Conference

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Accredent's connected data driven business transformation presentation at SCPD National Conference held at 3M Innovation Center captured the reality of today's Internet of Things development journey and transformational impact on an organization.

In early June, the Society of Concurrent Product Development (SCPD) held its 16th Annual Conference at the 3M Innovation center. Accredent Principal, Jen Nowlin, returned to this year's conference as a top presenters from last year's conference to once again speak on the latest use cases and successful business transformation with the Internet of Things and Data Analytics. 

3M Innovation Center in Minneapolis USA
With  the industry shift from IoT hype to real investment and the harsh reality that 60% of IoT Initiatives are stalling out in the Proof of Concept Stage, a deep dive into the reality of today's IoT development journey and transformational impact on an organization was exactly what the product managers at the SCPD conference were eager to hear about as they face their own development and organizational challenges.   

Fortune 500 innovation leaders attended the two day conference
A connected data driven business is a multi-stage transformational journey for an organization as they seek to realize greater economic value through ever more relevant interactions with their customers through connected products. With Accredent's 8 year history guiding companies through their own complex, connected data driven transformational journeys, we have the expertise to guide your organization from concept to market success as you venture into the world of connecting customer value to connected product realization. 

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