Saturday, April 22, 2017

Internet of Things Initiatives Must Focus More on Customer and Business Value

Internet of Things Need To Focus More on Customer and Business Value Central Theme of IoT Business Strategy Panel at IoT Fuse 2017

Industry luminaries Kent Strand of Accredent (one the most experienced IoT Business Strategy and Transformational advisory firms in the Industry at over eight years old) Ashis Bhattacharya of Winnebago and John Hogue of General Mills discussed the critical need for Internet of Things strategy and initiatives to focus more on customer and business value and less on technology at IoT Fuse 2017 Conference's afternoon keynote panel: IoT Strategy Roundtable. Additionally, the panel reviewed the major changes in the industry, the key enablers and detractors to successful IoT strategy, discussed real-world examples, and answered questions from the audience.

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